The Fourth Industrial Revolution – An Opportunity or A Threat For the MENA Region?

George Sarraf, Hiba Sharief, and Dr. Mohammed Al-Majed

Historically, the MENA region has fallen behind on embracing the previous industrial revolutions. Will it also fall behind when it comes for the Fourth industrial region or will the region capitalize on the burgeoning sectors of AI, IoT, and blockchain? If so, what are the key initiatives that should be implemented to ensure it does?

Attracting Investment in a Challenged Global Economy

Yamen Sami Al-Hajjar, Rudolph Lohmeyer, Dr. Rabah Arezki, and Hamoud AlSabah

With the slowdown in the global economy and worrying indicators such as the inversion of the yield curve, investors are on high alert for a near-term recession. With the Arab World's ambition to attract foreign direct investment to fuel the next wave of growth and diversify the economy away from traditional oil and gas, services, etc, how will the potential impending global recession affect those ambitions?

Fourth Industrial Revolution Around the World – Learning from the Successes and Failures of Other Countries

Drosten Fisher, Fouad Farès, and Mike Gualtieri

Countries are increasingly embracing the new technologies that are driving the fourth industrial revolution. Looking at their journeys, what major lessons should we reflect on? What are the world’s best (and worst) practices that could help the Arab World better respond to this new form of technological change?

Harnessing Talent and Equipping Youth in the Arab World

Tarek El Zein, Dr. Latifa Abdelkarim, Anthony Haddad, and Dr. Faten Saliba

The 4th revolution requires a new set of skills and a dynamic workforce. What are the investments and changes required to reskill the current workforce and to upskill our youth (school and university curriculum changes)? How do we tap into Arabs innovating abroad and bring them home?

Challenges of the Arabian Entrepreneur

Rabih Nassar, Hind Hobeika, and Carl Nehme

Entrepreneurs are a key part of the 4th Industrial Revolution. What are the hurdles they are currently facing and what solutions do they envision for these challenges?

Role of Women in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Zeina El Kaissi, Dr. Lobna Karoui, Nida Atshan, and Sahiqa Bennett

Tech is notoriously a male-dominated industry. With the Arab world's existing gender-imbalance, will the strong tech focus of the 4th industrial revolution exacerbate female participation in our work force?

Regulation – A Hurdle or an Enabler?

Mohamed Hamdy, Wael Abouelella, and Amine Moukheiber

Worldwide, regulation is not typically modified and enforced fast enough to keep up with the velocity of technological advancements. How can we transform the regulatory landscape in the MENA into an enabler for the fast technological advancements required? What are the key focus areas and how are we tackling them today (e.g. data privacy, cyber security, digital processing and fintech)?

Evolving Role of Social Media in the Arab World

Haifa Besseiso (Fly With Haifa), Omar Farooq, and Nadir Nahdi

Within the Arab world, select nations have recorded among the highest social media penetration. With the fourth industrial revolution, the reach of social media will keep on expanding and so will its power/ functionalities. How will influencers leverage 4IR technologies to improve their messaging and targeting (e.g. using AI to determine the relevance and virality of a post)? How can we make sure influencers exercise their increasing role/ influence responsibly?  

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