The Arab Conference at Harvard

Business Edition: Sustained Innovation


About the Arab Conference at Harvard


The Arab Conference at Harvard brings together hundreds of Harvard alumni, faculty, business and societal leaders to discuss key opportunities and issues related to the Arab region. This conference is one of the largest pan-Arab conferences outside the region, bringing together students and professionals, and has prided itself on showcasing a myriad of perspectives and insights on the most pressing business and economic issues of the region.


As always, we aim to engage in constructive debates and dialogue about the Arab world. In doing so, we hope to bridge the gap between its rich history and promising future. The theme of this year’s business edition of the conference will be “Preparing the Arab World for the Fourth Industrial Revolution”. We believe it is our responsibility to promote a forward-looking view of the region and that it is our imperative to seek innovative ways to effectively bridge the economic and social gaps through business and commerce.


The 2019 rendition of the conference at Harvard Business School will seek to promote unity among Arab and global communities and dispatch a call for action to its participants to translate diverse ideas into concrete solutions, in hopes of a shared and vibrant future for the region and the world at-large.


This year, the conference will include several panels and workshops spanning topics prominent to the region including industry and tech transformation as well as investments and markets in the Arab world. The conference will also feature a startup pitch competition allowing Arab entrepreneurs to showcase their early stage ventures and will provide an opportunity for networking between speakers and attendees.

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